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Maintaining our fitness makes us even more confident happy and helps to leads a healthy life. We encourage wellness by making available a diverse range of physical therapy and occupational therapy products. Our products are used in hospitals clinics fitness centers professionals and individuals. We care for our clients and their requirements and want them to be satisfied with the best safe and reliable products at affordable price.

Portable Hand CPM. Cut set-up time by incorporating a low-profile rigid splint. Lightweight and easy to operate; patient can easily and quickly receive comprehensive motion therapy for variety of indications. Clinical benefits: anatomically shaped drive bar enhances abduction and adduction of the web spaces as joints are being mobilized; up to 15 minutes of pause at extension and flexion allows for a controlled stretch and rest period; composite flexion intrinsic plus and minus motion included; convenient digital display of angle ROM settings speed and force. Indications: indications include the treatment and prevention of intra-articular adhesions extra-articular contractures and excessive post-operative swelling. Maestra CPM - portable hand

Price: 6439.34

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